Nainativu Nagammal Kovil of Canada

கனடிய நயினாதீவு நாகம்மாள் கோவில்

The above-noted is a non-profit corporation registered as such with the Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations on 15th February, 1999. The objective of this corporation is to erect a temple in the GTA for the worship of Nainativu Nagammal. After many newspaper articles were published in the Tamil newspapers of Toronto, by a committee appointed for the purpose by the Nainativu-Canadian Development Society, persons who expressed interest on the subject assembled at 24 Shaw Street, Toronto M6J 3W1 , and held discussions during the latter part of 1998. It was decided to apply for the incorporation of a non-profit corporation for the purpose. Finally, twenty-one Saivite-Hindu Canadian citizens (or permanent residents) who paid $1000 each, being the first installment of their fee for life-membership in the corporation, jointly made the necessary application for the incorporation. Most of these individuals (who are the founder-members of the corporation) were formerly residents of Nainativu. Two of the applicants have even been trustees of the Sri Nagapooshani Amman Kovil at Nainativu. The applicants' names and their addresses at the time of application, are given in the Letters Patent of the Corporation, copies of which may be obtained by the members, from the Secretary of the organization. These are also available in the website of the corporation which is

The main objective of the corporation is to erect and maintain a Saivite-Hindu temple for the worship of Nainativu-Nagammal in the Greater Toronto Area, to be called and known as Nainativu Nagammal Kovil of Canada. This objective has now been achieved after more than seven long years since the application for incorporation was made.

A Tamil-Saivite-Hindu temple has been erected at 1539 Warden Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario, M1R 4Z8, and the consecration ceremony (Thiru Kudamulukku) was held on 13th November, 2005. This temple will be owned jointly by all (present and future) members of the corporation and any surplus income will be utilized for the common benefit of the Tamil saivites in Toronto, and in Nainativu.

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Address: 1539 Warden Ave. Scarborough, ON M1R 4Z8.


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