Manipallavan K Sarangan

மனிபலவன். க. சாரங்கன்
Full Name: Kanakaratnam Sarangan
Born: Jaffna, Srilanka
Native: Nayinatheevu, Srilanka
Residence: London, UK
Occupation: Classical Vocalist
Education: M. Phil music
Awards: Sangeetha Vidwan


  • Nagaabharanam (2002)
  • Devamritam (2005)
  • Thiruvasagam(2007)
  • Madhura Arathi (2007)
  • Ambikaye Thuyil Ezhuvai 2008
  • Aarumugan darshanam (2009)
  • Ullam Kavr Kalvan (2010)
  • Aarudra Darishanam (2010)

In a world divided by strife, Music continues to be the super glue that unites hearts and minds. Making full use of Music’s boundless power and boundary-less reach, its practitioners have won over the hearts of millions over the years. Manipallavam* K. Sarangan (MKS) is a standing example of the power and appeal of Music in all its resplendent glory!

Hailing from Sri Lanka, MKS is among the chosen few who the Almighty has chosen to shower his benevolence on. Thanks to this divine grace, MKS has already made his mark as one of the leading Classical Musicians, Musicologists and Composers in this part of the world.

Apart from being blessed with prodigious talent, MKS has been quite fortunate to have been born in a family steeped in music. While MKS has drawn his inspiration from his mother Smt. Thillainayaki who was also his first guru, his musical exploits have motivated his own brother and sister to immerse themselves in the ocean called Music—MKS’ sister, Smt. Saatumathy Manokanthan, has done her MA and M. Phil in Music; his brother Shri. Sooreyakanthan (who has done his MCA) has been learning mridangam under the tutelage of Shri. Karaikudi Mani.

Not but not the least, MKS’ father, Shri. Kanakaratnam is an accomplished poet, writer and speaker. Besides penning lyrics for several devotional songs, he has to his credit a book—Ambal Sivanai Vazhipatta Sthalam (The place Ambal worshipped Shiva). He has also been a regular on the Sri Lankan radio with his discourses on the Hindu culture. But what perhaps gives him greatest personal satisfaction is his work and reputation as a social servant, striving to bring about a positive change in the society.

*Manipallavam, the place where MKS is born, is an important Buddhist pilgrimage center and one of the 64 ‘Sakthi Peetams’ (the presiding deity being Nagabooshani Ambal). It is the same place where the legendary Manimegalai came into the possession of the magical Amrita Surabhi (‘endless nectar’; also called Amuda Surabhi). Little wonder that MKS’ talent gushes out in such an endless torrent!

Other Activities
Part-time lecturer in a personal contact program conducted by the Institute of Correspondence Education, University of Madras (2007 & 2008).
Working as a lecturer in London Tamil Center, UK.

MKS took up Music as his main subject in his under-graduation course, something that seemed to be the most natural thing to do considering his initiation into the art form at a very early age. Having received his bachelor’s degree in Music from Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore, he did his PG in Music at the Madras University and later completed his M. Phil at the same varsity. Not contented in resting on his laurels—MKS won a Gold Medal for his outstanding performance during his PG stint—he also did his diploma in Music and was conferred the ‘Sangeetha Vidwan’ title by Tamil Music College, Chennai. And, the icing on the cake, if one can call it that: MKS is currently doing his research in Music and well on his way to a doctorate from the Bharthidasan University.

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